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Incentivized Sharing!

What's the biggest company in the World? Google.

How do you think they got that big?
Friends telling Friends.

People think Google is a search engine but in reality they are an Advertising company. When you tell your friend they now have one more person for their ads, and then their friends, and their friends, on and on. You get the picture.

So when you told your friends, how much of that Advertising revenue from Google ($Billions annually) did you make?

What if that changed?

Would you be more interested in telling friends?

Search Results are delivered instantly because this system is a Native App and taps into the geo-location power of your device.

Results can be delivered by category to allow users to quickly find the best options in their neighborhood.

Our Product is DEALS!
No Quotas, No Auto Ship. No Hassle.
Nobody buys anything they don't want.

How does it work?

Watch the video above.

  •  Powerful Geo-Location search finds the deals.
  • Search on demand.
  • Let the system tell you when you are near a deal.
  • Tell it to search deals within X miles of your location.
    • You even define the TYPES of deals you want.
  • When you find something you want, get your savings and join that merchants Loyalty Program for even more rewards and savings.
  • Refer friends and earn money off EVERYTHING they purchase.

Understand that we are in the Business Consulting and App business now. We were trying to develop our own small business system because they they NEED a system if they ever hope to have a chance at competing against the Big Box Stores.

When I was introduced to Pay2Save I stopped all development on our own system and came aboard. When you gt the facts you'll understand.

It's a Win-Win-Win deal all the way around.

is the operative word here!  

  • Consumers win because they now have the single most powerful way to find local deals and save money.
    • In addition, they get Paid when they tell their friends. (We pioneered Incentivized Sharing.)
  • Business Owners win because they have a way to Get and Keep customers.
  • You win because you get to help everyone and by doing so, you make money off ALL their purchases...
  • And IT'S FREE

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If you have questions, call or email, Dr. Rick Mayer.
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If you download the app for your Android or Apple device, use code #44099.